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Proposition 218 Election passes with 64.3% of votes in favor

The Fresno Irrigation District (FID) received landowner approval through a Proposition 218 election to increase local investment in water infrastructure, groundwater sustainability, and protecting water rights. The successful results were announced following the FID Board Meeting on June 8th, which included a public hearing. Voting concluded at the end of the public hearing and an independent election company, MK Elections, commenced with counting the votes at that time.

The result of the election shows our landowners place high value on continuing the legacy within FID,” stated FID General Manager Bill Stretch. “We are excited about what the local investment means for the future. Defending our water supply, improved infrastructure, and working towards sustainable groundwater – these are the priorities we can now tackle on behalf of our landowners.”

Of ballots received, 64.3% of votes were in favor of investing more dollars in projects and services to address immediate needs and plan for future ones. Up to $11.8 million through 2028 will be invested in legal and water rights defense, $28.6 million in surface water infrastructure, and $26.9 million in groundwater recharge.

FID is funded primarily through its land-based assessments collected via Fresno County tax rolls. Approved through this election, the FID Board set the 2024 assessment rate at $89.00 per acre for Water Service classified parcels. While there are different rates depending on how water is received from FID to the parcel, a majority of parcels fall under the Water Service classification. Landowners can learn more about the classifications and associated rates by reading the Prop 218 FAQs at

We know we are accountable to our landowners,” said Stretch. “Ultimately these assessment dollars are their investment, and we are responsible to steward them for their benefit. Whether it’s building groundwater recharge basins to sustain our groundwater or keeping Kings River water here instead of allowing it to be exported to Kern County, we plan to do just that.

Election success follows several months of public outreach and engagement through grower meetings, educational mailers, email newsletters, and social media posts to spread the word and involve landowners in the process. Although the election is over, the engagement will continue - FID plans to regularly report on how assessment dollars are being invested in its Annual Report and through its other communications channels.

For more information on the benefits received through the Prop 218, visit and check out the most recent educational mailer. To stay up to date on the latest FID news and Prop 218 reporting information, sign up for to receive our email newsletters: and follow us on follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.


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