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Proposition 218

Invest in the Legacy

For over 100 years, Fresno Irrigation District’s landowners have financially invested in our area’s water supply, facilities, infrastructure, and protecting our extensive water rights; this investment supports the production of bountiful crops, local jobs, and community growth. Building on this foundation of local support and investment, it’s time to invest in the era that follows – to continue the legacy.

Fresno Irrigation District (FID) is holding a Proposition 218 election to increase local investments in water management infrastructure and strategies, with an aim to continue the legacy our landowners have built. Investing in FID is critical to continue the history of water supply reliability, conveyance, commitment and excellent customer service to our growers and partners throughout the region. 

What this means

Fresno Irrigation District landowners have direct influence over the legacy of their land and our area’s water supply. Proposition 218 elections require the support of voters (landowners within district boundaries) to invest in activities that increase water supply capture and delivery efficiency, make us drought resilient, and protect local water rights. If you are an FID landowner, you are being asked to vote in a Proposition 218 election using the ballot to be mailed to you in early April 2023.

Investing in FID is an investment in your land. FID’s extensive water rights directly influence high land values observed within the District. The 2022 Trend Report farm appraisal analysis illustrates thanks to surface water supply, land in FID was valued as high as $45,000 per acre, while land in Fresno County with no district water were valued as low as $10,000 per acre.


Benefits of a successful Proposition 218 will come back into the hands of the landowners FID serves:

Forward progress on groundwater sustainability.

Invest in our surface water infrastructure and a skilled workforce to operate and maintain it.

Defend our Kings River water rights.

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Proposed Assessment

FID is proposing an initial Water Service rate increase in 2024 to $89/acre ($35.60/AF) with gradual increases to reach $128.75/acre or approximately $51.50/AF in 2028. For detailed information and a rate classification breakdown, review FAQs or the Engineer’s Report on our website. If the election passes, the Board will set the assessment rate annually. FID will use assessment dollars to develop and maintain surface water infrastructure and protect the legacy of our landowners through action on drought, increasing regulation, and protecting our existing Kings River water supply.

Election Outcomes

Election Outcomes

If Proposition 218 does not pass, FID will not be able to to compensate for a budget shortfall to cover expenses of running the District and defending our water rights. 

Election Passes

  • Maintain, improve, and restore surface water infrastructure.  

  • Defend King’s River water rights.

  • Capture additional volume acre-feet of water for recharge during wet years, critical to support and improve the historically declining water table.

  • Progress towards groundwater sustainability
    required by SGMA.

  • Maintenance activities to ensure facilities run efficiently.

  • Support of a stable and skilled local workforce.

  • Retain valuable institutional knowledge of water management and operations.

Election Fails 

  • Deterioration of surface water infrastructure, leading to potential service disruption, less efficient deliveries, and potential loss of water supply.

  • Weakened position to defend King’s River water rights.

  • Lose out on additional groundwater recharge and a potential lowering of groundwater levels, resulting in the need for deeper wells and the risk of parts of the aquifer permanently drying. 

  • Risk losing local control of SGMA implementation to the state.

  • Risk higher employee turnover and difficulty attracting a highly-skilled workforce, which further risks impacts to operations and maintenance.

How does our proposed rate compare?

FID holds one of the strongest water supply rights on the Kings River, and on an annual average, runs a 4-to-5-month delivery of 500,000 acre-feet. Compared to other irrigation districts, the proposed assessment relative to the water supply benefit delivers a high return to our landowners.


Prop 218 Public Meetings

Prop 218 Public Meetings

Prop 218 Public Meetings

FID will host a number of community meetings where you can learn more about the proposed assessments. Meetings will be held in April 2023 at the following locations:  Easton, Kerman and Clovis.  Dates and meeting details will be available in February 2023.

Public Hearing 

The Fresno Irrigation District will hold a public hearing to tabulate the ballots. The public hearing is scheduled for June 8, 2023, at 3:00 p.m.  You are invited to participate in the hearing and provide comments at that time.  All ballots must be returned by the close of the public hearing to be counted for this Proposition 218 election.


Review the resources below to learn more about this Proposition 218 election. Translated versions of the following resources will be available shorty. Please check back for these resources in Spanish, Hmong and Punjabi.

Educational Handout




Rack Card​​



​Engineer’s Report

GM Letter

FID staff are available for any questions regarding the Prop 218 election. Call us at 559-233-7161 or email

Ballot Information

Ballots will be mailed to landowners in early April 2023. To have your vote counted, all ballots must be received by the close of the Public Hearing scheduled for June 8, 2023, at 3:00 p.m.

Here is a sample of what your ballot will look like when you receive it. 

0131701 sample ballot #3_Redacted.jpg

Submitting Ballots

Submitting your ballot is easy, accessible, and can be done by one of several ways.

  • By mail

    • Send your ballot to the address on the self addressed envelope included with the ballot.

  • In person

    • Drop your ballot off at Fresno Irrigation District's ballot box

  • At the public hearings – Scheduled for June 8th at 3:00 p.m.

    • Drop your ballot off at one of our public hearings. 

If you need to request a replacement ballot, please contact MK Elections at their ballot request hotline at 209-259-6740

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