Since 1920, Fresno Irrigation District has been serving the Central Valley.

The District became the successor to the privately owned Fresno Canal and Land Company in 1920.  At which time, we purchased over 800 miles of canals and distribution networks that were constructed between 1860 and 1890.  In addition to the canals, the District also retained extensive water rights on the Kings River.  The District also receives a small amount of water from the San Joaquin River through the Friant Water Authority.


North Kings Groundwater Sustainability Agency.

Groundwater Sustainability Plan 

  • Water Works District 18 - The District has a contract for 150 AF of Class 1 CVP San Joaquin River Water 

  • Water Works District 42 - Alluvial & Fancher 

  • Fresno County Parks Department - Lost Lake Recreation Area 

  • Service Area 10 - Cumorah Knolls 

  • Service Area 10a - Mansionette Estates 

  • Service Area 44d - Monte Verdi 

  • Service Area 47- Quail Lakes Estates 

The average annual demand for these water agencies is 1,200 AF/year. Outside of these water agencies, domestic water demands are met by private domestic wells and community wells. 

Freewater County Water District

Freewater County Water District (Freewater CWD or Freewater) is an area of approximately 1,800 acres located near the eastern boundary of FID and the town of Centerville. For years, the Freewater CWD had separate Kings River water rights but in 1938, as a result of a court settlement, Freewater had its Kings River water rights assumed by FID in exchange for FID agreeing to provide water to Freewater's headgates. Freewater owns, maintains, and operates its own distribution system. This area had agreements with the Fresno Canal and Irrigation Company, the predecessor to FID, for various rights in exchange for allowing the Fresno Canal to be constructed. After years of litigation in the 1930s, Freewater CWD entitlements were settled by agreement in 1938. As the result of the litigation and settlement, the Freewater CWD had a separate assessment rate from other areas within FID. For a period of years, Freewater has rented storage space in Pine Flat from FID for 1,300 AF/annually. 

Fresno Irrigation District
Fresno Irrigation District (FID) was organized in 1920 as the successor to the privately owned Fresno Canal and Land Company in accordance with the Irrigation District Law of the California Water Code. FID has a service area of approximately 247,700 acres and diverts Kings River water into the 680-mile canal and pipeline distribution system for both agricultural and municipal water uses. FID has rights to store 120,000 AF in Pine Flat Reservoir and an additional 23,130 AF of storage in upstream reservoirs. This storage and Kings River water are used by FID to deliver an average annual supply of approximately 450,000 AF. FID obtains most of its surface water from the Kings River but also has a contract with the United States Bureau of Reclamation (USBR or Reclamation) for 75,000 AF of Class 2 water from the Friant Division of the CVP. The City of Fresno and FID have collaborative agreements that enable the delivery of the City's 60,000 AF of Class 1 water for beneficial uses, such as groundwater recharge and water treatment for potable uses. Within the District, private agricultural wells supplement surface water deliveries in dry years. 

Within FID there are about 6,200 acres of separately annexed lands generally found in the northeast portion of the district. These are called FID Annexed Lands. These lands were annexed under the conditions that they are eligible for CVP Friant Division water but not Kings River water. The CVP water is only available in relatively wet years, so these lands rely on groundwater most of the time.