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FID celebrates California Water Professionals Appreciation Week

This week is California Water Professionals Appreciation Week, and we’re honoring the dedicated water professionals here at the Fresno Irrigation District.

Chris Lundeen, Engineering Technician, Fresno Irrigation District

Chris has been an Engineering Technician for the Fresno Irrigation District since 2016.

As an engineering technician, Chris handles a wide range of responsibilities, including overseeing developer and agency projects, internal initiatives, and collecting field data. His role involves managing various engineering processes within the District.

FID relies on engineers like Chris to monitor water quality and groundwater levels, ensuring the sustainability of the District’s water resources.

Working in the water industry, Chris understands the significance of adaptability and preparedness for handling unforeseen challenges.

“Be proactive and do the best you can with what you can control. Mother nature doesn’t always cooperate, so try and get to a place to be able to take advantage when she does,” he said.

Chris consistently rises to the challenge of working in the water industry, embodying the proactive spirit needed to succeed in the field.

Chuck Grinage, Construction Maintenance Supervisor, Fresno Irrigation District

Chuck is a long-time employee of the Fresno Irrigation District, having worked in the District for an astounding 37 years!

In his role, Chuck oversees the District’s construction maintenance crew, efficiently assigning tasks and necessary equipment to get the job done. Thanks to Chuck’s diligent management, FID can swiftly evaluate tasks and dispatch crews to address water system issues promptly. These maintenance activities consist of bank repairs, weed spraying, and ditch break repairs, among others.

Chuck’s rewarding career and impact at FID can be attributed to his variety of experiences. He strongly encourages all new water professionals to seek a mix of experiences whenever possible.

“Get a wide variety of experience. Take every opportunity you can get to move around and learn more about what it takes for the District to work. The more you know how the water works and where it goes in the big scheme of things, the better off you are,” he said.

Chuck’s commitment to continuous learning and gaining a comprehensive understanding of water systems is a testament to his dedication to the water industry.

Donaday Chapman, Human Resources Business Partner, Fresno Irrigation District

Donaday Chapman is a Human Resources Business Partner for the Fresno Irrigation District and has been since April 2019.

Donaday’s role primarily centers around Organizational Development, where she plays a key role in enhancing the skills and professionalism of FID employees, enabling them to excel in their roles and effectively represent the District, both internally and externally.

Although Donaday’s primary focus is on Human Resources, she fully acknowledges the critical role of the water industry.

“My career is in Human Resources; however, the water industry is pretty special and significant to Fresno and the Central Valley. As you well know, the water that every person in our organization takes part in delivering affects products which are found around the globe!” said Donaday.

When she’s not diligently assisting her fellow FID colleagues, Donaday finds joy in dancing, cooking for friends and family, and tending to her garden, where she harvests a variety of fruits and flowers from her yard.


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