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New North Kings GSA well registration effort includes FID landowners

Updated: Apr 15

The North Kings GSA is asking FID landowners to register their wells as part of efforts to meet State sustainability requirements and maintain local control over groundwater management.

As a member agency of the North Kings GSA, FID encourages landowners to participate by registering their wells on a new online portal. To register, visit

Well registration plays an important part in helping the North Kings GSA meet State requirements by addressing gaps identified in its Groundwater Sustainability Plan (GSP). While the GSP received approval from the CA Department of Water Resources (DWR) in 2023, it was granted conditionally on the grounds that the North Kings GSA address data gaps. Well registration is critical for filling these gaps and maintaining GSP approval.

Every landowner has an important role to play in keeping local control over groundwater management by registering their wells.

Landowners can easily register their wells on the Well Registration Portal in a few simple steps. By registering their wells, landowners:

  • Actively participate in efforts to maintain local control over groundwater management.

  • Check off one of the prerequisites to receive for future technical and financial support through a new Domestic Well Mitigation Program, aimed at mitigating impacts of declining groundwater levels on domestic wells.

  • Support ongoing efforts to balance the area's groundwater supply for the future.

Visit to register your wells.

To learn more about well registration, visit For questions about the program, contact North Kings GSA Executive Officer Kassy Chauhan at (559) 233-7161 ext. 7109.


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