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FID Releases Annual Report

A report to stakeholders highlights the past year’s activities


Bill Stretch, General Manager Office: (559) 233-7161 Email: Website: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE May 18, 2020

The Fresno Irrigation District has released its 2019 Annual Report to its customers and stakeholders. The report covers water deliveries, construction, maintenance, crops and land use, challenges, as well as employee and board information.

In 2019, FID delivered about 620,000 acre-feet of water to its customers; diverted about 70,000 acre-feet for groundwater recharge; maintained and repaired 360 miles of pipelines where 45% are over 50 years old; removed 485 tons of trash from its canals: and protected the District’s water rights while working in conjunction to fulfill its obligations of the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA).

General Manager Bill Stretch stated, “The FID Annual Report is an important tool available to our customers and partners highlighting the District’s priorities of delivering water, maintaining our aging infrastructure, protecting water rights and ensuring we have a well-trained and motivated workforce to serve their needs.”

A link to the report can be found here:

FID’s mission is to protect and manage the surface and groundwater resources of the District in order to meet the present and future water needs of the people and lands within the District.


Since 1920, the Fresno Irrigation District has proudly delivered water to agricultural and urban communities within Fresno County. Today, the District encompasses over 250,000 acres of prime farmland and municipal areas, including the cities of Fresno and Clovis. As the premier irrigation district in the Central Valley, the Fresno Irrigation District is extensively involved in a host of local, state and federal water issues.


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