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Guidelines for Electronic Submission of Documents to Fresno Irrigation District

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Fresno Irrigation District (FID) is converting to a paperless office and kindly requests all submittals/documents be submitted electronically beginning in February 2021. To ensure consistent and reliable processing of documents you submit to FID, please follow the formatting, labeling, and submission procedures described below.

For more efficient processing, we request you submit all documents to FID in a Portable Document Format (PDF) file.

Note: Please sign the document prior to converting to a PDF file and maintain the signed hardcopy of the document in your records for the period of time prescribed in law or regulation.

Name Each Individual PDF File According to its Type (Described Below):

a. Create a filename with the following information:

i. Vendor/Client Name

ii. Date

iii. Document Name – Use the following table to choose the document link (doc link) that applies to the document you are submitting:

Note: If there is not an applicable Doc Link in the table above, please use wording that best describes the subject of the document you are submitting.

If you are already submitting electronic invoices to FID via individual employee emails, please modify your procedure and submit to the Accounts Payable email as indicated below.


1. INVOICES: Submission Via Email to

Note: All invoices being submitted to FID for payment by Accounts Payable (AP), should be sent to the AP email at All attachments should include document link INV in the attached documents as noted in the table above, for proper processing.

2. All Non-Invoice Submittals Via Email to

Note: FID email servers can only receive emails less than or equal to 25 megabytes (25 MB) in size.

a. Attach one PDF file to an email. Enter the same information in the Subject Line of the email as you used in the filename for the attachment to the email; See “Name of Individual PDF” on page 1 for instructions. Send to general email inbox noted above.


b. Attach multiple PDF files to an email, assuming total size is less than 25 MB. This option should only be utilized if all of the PDF files to be attached pertain to the same issue. Enter the document link along with submitter information in the subject line. Send to the general email inbox noted above.

3. Submission of Files Greater than 25 MB in size

a. Split documents into files smaller than 25 MB total and email per instructions in No. 1 above:


b. Transfer to USB. After transfer of document to USB, verify it is readable. Label the USB or envelope with the document information per the instructions on Page 1. Mail to the address listed below:

Fresno Irrigation District

2907 S. Maple Avenue

Fresno, CA 93725

c. Contact FID office for other options.

E-Notice – FID Submittals – Jan 12, 2021


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