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FID Extends 2018 Water Delivery Into September

During their monthly meeting on August 21, the Board of Directors unanimously approved to extend the 2018 irrigation season for the entire district through September 15. East side deliveries will continue through September 30. The system was originally scheduled to go down August 31.

"The District is able to extend the season due to receiving a higher than anticipated entitlement from the April through July runoff, as well as receiving additional precipitation from several storms in the higher mountain elevations during the months of July and August," stated Assistant General Manager, Bill Stretch.

While most growers have started harvesting their crops, it is important they schedule their next irrigation with their water system operator. In general, the East side growers will stay on their schedule, while the rest of the district will receive their irrigation via call and demand.

"Achieving groundwater sustainability depends on taking advantage of all available surface water supplies. We encourage all of our users to irrigate with surface water for the remainder of the irrigation season," stated Stretch.

District crews will use the off-season shutdown to conduct maintenance, repairs, and complete construction projects that will enhance the water system's infrastructure for the 2019 irrigation season.


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