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Land Acquisition Program

Potential Parcel Acquisition by FID

Fresno Irrigation District’s Board of Directors is making available an opportunity for landowners within Fresno Irrigation District (FID or District).  FID is looking to obtain proposals for parcel acquisition from landowners in the Fresno Irrigation District on a willing buyer-willing seller platform.  See the information below on the process to be considered.  ALL PROPOSALS ARE DUE BY JANUARY 14, 2022, BY 4:30PM, NO EXCEPTIONS.  
Fresno Irrigation District is looking to acquire parcels for District purposes on a willing buyer-willing seller platform.  District purposes could vary, depending on the parcel, but may include the development of basins for groundwater recharge, surface water regulation, or both.  Parcels must be located within the current FID Boundary. FID will consider naming future basins after landowners, if requested by the seller.  

2020 Audited Financial Statements

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2020 Financial Statement
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